Real estate

KENSINGTON has been dealing with real estate for more than 20 years. Swiss real estate company KENSINGTON Finest Properties International AG covers the entire real estate value chain in 62 real estate locations in Germany (39x), Switzerland (7x), Spain (13x), Austria (2x) and the UAE (1x). Via its extensive international network, KENSINGTON has access to project developments and investment properties in both the residential and commercial sectors, opening up a lucrative market that is otherwise reserved for commercial project developers, professional real estate investors and institutional investors to individual investors and groups of investors.

KENSINGTON Family Office AG works hand in hand with our real estate experts in identifying real estate investments. Our carefully selected properties can be acquired by individual investors as well as by multiple investors. We leverage all the advantages of an “investment club” where the interests of a small number of high-net-worth investors are pooled for a certain project.

KENSINGTON provides the following:

  • Access to suitable high-yield projects and investment properties
  • Access to renowned and experienced project developers
  • Technical know-how
  • Expertise in executing real estate projects
  • Asset management for investment properties
  • Tax and legal experts

KENSINGTON Family Office offers you the opportunity to make attractive, short, medium, long-term and stable investments in the lucrative market environment of the entire real estate value chain.

Minimising risks.
Optimising returns.